Artist 101: Ryn Weaver

Last month when I
went to UW’s Fall Fling, a concert to welcome students to the university, I had
never heard of the three artists set to play. Armed with a couple of friends
and the excitement of a first-week college student, I went anyway. Seattle
locals Brother From Another had the show off to a great start, and Cashmere Cat’s
blasting electronic beats had people screaming for more; but I have to say that
the second act of the day, Ryn Weaver, completely stole the show. Her
folksy-pop vibe got people standing up and swaying while her banter between
songs made it feel like she was an old friend just visiting you at college.


The first song
that really got me paying attention was “OctaHate”, which you may have already
heard of when it climbed both the Billboard and Twitter charts in June 2014. It
can only be described as a “classy dance song” that’s bound to impress people
of any music taste.

I also have to
mention “Sail On”, which will for sure be stuck in your head for the rest of
the day but you won’t even mind it. If you ever have the chance to hear it
live, just go and don’t question it.

And like any
great artist, she has a solid tear-jerker in her repertoire. “Traveling Song”,
dedicated to her grandpa, is the perfect track to listen to if you ever feel
like wallowing in your homesickness. Just make sure you have a box of tissues
at the ready.

Overall, Weaver
is the seemingly impossible combination of a more chill Blondie, a less
punk-rock Hayley Williams, and Florence (minus the Machine).

If you love the
songs as much as I do, check out her full-length album The Fool, packed with eleven songs destined to make it on to your favorites playlist.

Kathryn Placer

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