Album Review: We the Kings – Strange Love


I had high hopes for We the King’s
newest album, Strange Love. The band
has been going strong for about ten years, and there have been very few songs
that have earned them negative criticism. But no band is perfect, and they were
bound to make a let-down album eventually. Unfortunately, Strange Love seems to be that album.


The first track off the album, “Love Again”, had me
disappointed from the get-go. Clearly meant to be a dance-pop anthem, its beats
don’t succeed in being catchy and are instead just annoying and monotonous. Upon
listening to the album in its entirety, I realized that it doesn’t sound
like it belongs at all. If I hadn’t known it was by We the Kings, I would have ascribed
it to any up-and-coming boy band. It may be We the King’s attempt at
manufacturing a radio-bound pop single, but in my opinion they just tried too

“From Here to Mars” is another song that seems to emphasize
the Pop nature of the band. Luckily, it is done a lot better than in the previous song. It builds up
nicely from an almost acoustic ballad into an actually pleasant up-beat melody with
catchy lyrics to make it even better. It’s not the best song I’ve ever heard in my
life, but it’s definitely an improvement from the obnoxious “Love Again”.

If anything, the saving grace for the album is definitely “Howl
at the Moon”. It sounds like nothing else that’s on the radio today, and that
works out fantastically. Innovative beats course through the whole song, making
the album exciting again. If all the songs sounded as good as this one, it
would be a great record.

Unfortunately, it isn’t.

Overall Rating: 5/10 – My
overall feeling for the album was just, “meh”. Variety is always a good thing
to have on an album, but Strange Love overdoes it just a bit, leading to an uneasy
disjointed vibe. It has a few good songs, but most can be described as neither
good nor bad. If you’re longing for good music by We the Kings, just go back
and listen to “Say You Like Me” a couple of times. It’ll give you all of the
nostalgia and none of the disappointment.

Kathryn Placer

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