Feminists Can Be Funny

Featuring some pretty hardcore salad-eating, Childbirth’s new video for their song, “Let’s Be Bad”, tells the story of a hardworking woman (comedienne Alicia McDaidwho decides to be crazy for once–i.e. eating cake and drinking a few glasses of wine. Lead singer Julia Shapiro fades in and out in a godlike fashion, whispering, “Let’s be bad,” into McDaid’s ear. The rest of the band is there, too, in their usual maternity gowns.

The Seattle punk trio released the video in late November and the song is off their album, Women’s Rights. Bree McKenna opens the song with a dark bass line accompanied by Stacy Peck’s dynamic drumming. Distorted guitars drone on as Shapiro mocks the gravity that many women put on their diets. I’m going to take Childbirth’s advice and eat some cake and drink wine, and I have a good feeling you will too. Take a look at their video if you’re not convinced.

And if you like it just as much as I do, here’s a heads up: Childbirth is coming to Nuemos on December 18!

Claire Marvet

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