Artist Profile: American Wrestlers


American Wrestlers is a relatively new band, having formed in Missouri in 2014. The band began as the solo act of Gary McClure, originally from Scotland, and a member of the British indie band Working For a Nuclear Free City. He initially released the band’s first album, self-titled American Wrestlers, for free on Bandcamp. After the band began gaining popularity on the internet, American Wrestlers was re-released by Fat Possum Records in 2015. Following this, McClure assembled a full band, with Bridgette Imperial on keyboard, Josh Van Hoorebeke on drums, and Ian Reitz on bass. They have a new album out, Goodbye Terrible Youth, just recently released on November 4th. 

American Wrestlers’ music employs a classic indie rock sound that should be familiar to any fans of the genre. While their debut had a more lo-fi sound, as is typical of home recordings, with fuzzy, distorted guitar, their new album has a cleaner, bigger sound, with jangly guitars and catchy riffs. The band’s newer songs are faster and louder than those on American Wrestlers, as the band’s sound evolves, yet they retain the same quality songwriting that drew attention to them in the beginning. As their first album as a full band, Goodbye Terrible Youth shows a lot of promise, and hopefully marks the beginning of a strong career.  

Recommended for fans of: Working For a Nuclear Free City, Yuck

Key tracks: “There’s No One Crying Over Me Either,” “Real People,” ”Give Up,” “I Can Do No Wrong”

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-Noah Prince

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