On Campus Fan Activation Event: Banner Signing for “Shine” by Mondo Cozmo

November 16, 2016


ASUW Arts and Entertainment set up a successful UW On Campus Fan Activation event today in Red Square for artist Mondo Cozmo. The event was a banner signing for their new single, “Shine”. The banner read: “Everything Will Be Alright If You #LETITGOMC” and had space for passersby to write what they wanted to let go. By the end of the signing, the banner was full of a variety of responses, from “Harambe”, “chem” and “Nickleback” to more serious things, like “fear”, “stress”, and “doubt”. During the event, people commented that writing down what they wanted to let go was “therapeutic” for them. Finding the banner seemed to be good timing for many students currently feeling the stress of midterms and the nearing end of the quarter. Several people posted to twitter with the hashtag #Letitgomc and took photos with their contributions to the banner.


“Shine” has been gaining praise and popularity since its release in September. Republic Records posted an artist spotlight on Mondo Cozmo on September 16th, 2016. The article included praise for “Shine” and said, “Mondo Cozmo challenges everything we know about music and genres, while creating music that everyone can enjoy.”

You can find more info on Mondo Cozmo on their website.

“Shine” music video by Mondo Cozmo 

-Kenzie Wamble

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