Live Show Review: Jai Wolf

On Friday night, in
between a prolonged beat, Jai Wolf
stole my heart at The Showbox in downtown Seattle, and put his concert in my list of top 5 concerts. 


The show opened with Ramzoid, an 18-year old from Canada, whose alternative electronic vibe was
refreshing. While electronic music is extremely common, his music pulled
everyone in. The second opening act was Jerry Folk, another person I had never heard of until that
night. I am glad to have heard him because his remixes were outstanding. This
one of Oh Wonder’s Lose It  and Years & Years’ Desire was definitely one of my favorite moments of the

Ramzoid and Jerry Folk
played on either side of the main stage. Leaving the main stage for the main
act: Jai Wolf. By the time he came
on, we had been waiting for almost 2 hours, but his show was worth the wait.
Right of the bat, he pulled the entire crowd into his music as everyone jumped,
and danced—swaying as a giant crowd. And as I looked around, I saw a sea of
people whose face had the same goofy grin I am sure I wore too.

Standing behind that
beautifully constructed stage, and using the disco ball in the middle of the
room, Jai Wolf’s entire concert was one that pulled the audience in.

In the middle of his set,
Jai Wolf reminded us this was his first show since his EP Kindred Spirits had
dropped and he was beyond excited to play for us—and near the end, we as a
crowd could tell he was overwhelmed. Yet, his dominance was unwavering. For a
minute there, he let the beat go on a little longer than it was supposed to as
he got emotional, and left the stage soon after to regain his composure.

But he was back in no more
than a minute, closing the show magnificently. He played his most commonly
known and greatest hit Indian Summer where I am guessing the confetti was
supposed to burst but didn’t, and so he said “I am going to pull a Kanye and
replay that last one for you.”

In between the tiny
mishaps and the amazing set, in the midst of confetti, the show was over
leaving us with an abundant memories of a night well spent.


If you haven’t heard of
Jai Wolf, you should look him up: Facebook / Twitter/

Megha Goel

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