Skelevision at Hot Yoga… a WaveVision tour

Between PA equipment, cords, and instruments atop a shaggy rug in front of a dim string of lights – stands a silhouette with lanky stature and mangled hair. With the help of its guitar and abrasive vocals, the silhouette exudes an energy that I can see in feet shuffling on the floor, I can feel in the hands and hair that press against my back, and I can hear reverberate around the dimly lit, sparsely furnished, and probably asbestos-laden basement. Behind the goonish-looking silhouette sits drummer Philip ‘Rocko’ Zevenbergen — who is  and beside him stands bassist Gavin Houck. The trio make up the Portland-based, punk-psych band, Skelevision.Skelevision and friends, Wave Action, made a quick stop in the humble U last Friday night to on a short northwest tour celebrating the release of their collaborative EP, WaveVision: The Oneness. Spanning only 12 minutes, the EP is a showcase of some of Skelevision’s cleanest and cohesive songs to date.Listen or buy the album here: first track— a forty-two second jam with dissonant guitar and fast drums—has the brief, in-your-face kind of qualities reminiscent of classic hardcore punk bands like Descendents or Bad Brains. The abrupt stop from “Chemical X” transitions smoothly into one of Skelevision’s smoother tracks, “I Should”. This track, to me, is torn between a slower, ballad-like verse and an abrasive chorus. This song has one of Skelevision’s most ambitious structures, meandering between verse to verse, maintaining cohesiveness in auditory limbo with variants of a catchy riff.“Baby Jelly” is the poppiest track they put out, and probably my favorite. Gage’s bouncy verse, punctuated by a playful riff is driven by Phillip’s fast-paced drums and Gavin’s energetic bass. Gage’s vocals give the track Skelevision’s interesting vibe, but it’s taken to a new level of excitement and fun with the accompanying instruments. It also features this sweet music vid…The final track, “Exhaust Pipe,” takes a significantly darker turn.  This track reminds me of more of tracks from the debut, Inside the Horror, featuring Gage’s roughest vocals, ominous guitar riffs, and hard-hitting bass. The track is fast, hard and thoroughly terrifying as the sounds of exhaust weave in and out of tumultuous verse. As the instrumentals regress into total disarray, ocean sounds slowly creep into audibility and continue until the final seconds, signaling a final nod to their Wave Action compadres as Skelevision signs off.Check out more music and news from Rainy Dawg Radio @!