Marian Hill just shook the Showbox

Marian Hill took the stage, April 20, as a stop between Coachella sets, continuing on their “Unusual Tour.” The Philadelphia duo, consisting of production artist Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongol, featured a new edition on saxophone, “Steve.”With electronic opener Michl (literally pronounced, Michael) the crowd warmed up awaiting the iconic duo. While I’ve been a Marian Hill fan for awhile, I had only ever seen the duo from a music video screen grab and had somehow formulated this idea of 1) “Marian Hill” being a literal person… not true and 2) being an average brunette, sultry, electro lover type. So when arguably the cutest blonde pixie skipped on stage I was surprised to say the least. Samantha Gongol might just be the cutest “tiny queen” as the barricade coined her I’ve ever seen. Her short stature paired with her extreme energy and perfect precision made it easy for a crowd to fall in love. Gongol new every beat of her music, and danced accordingly. She truly delivered a performance. Marian Hill gave us all the electro feels last week, known for their sensual sound, the experience was only enhanced by the passion presented on stage. The crowd, made up of a mix of ages, and loyal fans, adopted Marian Hill’s “Steve” as their own, cheering him on (almost) louder than Lloyd and Gongol. Playing tracks new and old- the energy was kept up through the entirety of the performance. To close, the group thanked their fans, and excited only to return for a final encore, yet still leaving their audience wanting more.Sarah ArcherIG: @archer_sarah T: @saraharcher99Check out more music and news from Rainy Dawg Radio @!