Oh Sh*t!!! If you didn’t get kicked out of Injury Reserve did you even go to Injury Reserve?

May 3, Injury Reserve, with support from Jpegmafia, played Fremont’s Nectar Lounge, delivering one of the sickest performances I’ve been to, to date.I’ve always coupled artists like Injury Reserve with BROCKHAMPTON, Jaden Smith, and Amine. This is arguably my favorite kind of music and would go as far to say, Injury Reserve is one of my favorite artists. They have a very particular sound, and audience demographic, one that I do not typically fall into. Still reeling from the trauma of BROCKHAMPTON’s Seattle mosh pit, aka the night I looked death in the eye surrounded by arguably the tallest, lankiest, boys I had ever seen, I was coNceRneD for my life as I walked in and realized this was the exact same crowd. Being 5’5” isn’t bad… until you’re swept up into a sea of sweaty kids at least a head taller. Convienietly, as we were walking in, one of the aforementioned “sweaty kids” was being escorted out by security accused of “moshing too hard,” a claim the culprit deemed ridiculous, and one I saw to be the potential explanation of my death. Security offered him the option to A) move to the balcony or B) get out. So, we found ourselves following our new delinquent friend up to the safety of the balcony from which we were able to enjoy the extremities of the crowd from the comfort of our newfound bench.Throughout the night more and more sweaty thrashers joined us as security shoveled them up the stairs. Jpegmafia opened the night, performing an intense (and shirtless) set. Soon to follow Injury Reserve was called onto stage by an excited crowd, performing fan favorites. Each song was paired with a new set of visuals that only enhanced the experience. The trio took time to not only thank their audience, but fight for them. They quite literally called out security guards kicking fans out. Closing out the night they returned to the stage under one condition: the crowd go so crazy security will have to kick them all out. Sarah ArcherIG: @archer_sarah T: @saraharcher99Check out more music and news from Rainy Dawg Radio @ RainyDawg.org!