Skizzy Mars 4/29 @ Neumos

April 29, Skizzy Mars, and tour partner Oliver Tree, packed Neumos for their Seattle stop on Mars’s Are You Ok? Tour.The sold out show made for a full house and overwhelming enthusiasm for both sets. You can always tell when an artist draws their crowd- each and every attendee looked uniform in their crop tops and oversized sweatshirts (which were soon ditched to reveal street style esq t-shirts of a similar degree). Kicking off the night Oliver Tree took the stage, greeted by a warm welcome compiled of loyal fans. Countless couples surrounded me, singing every word to Tree’s set. Tree’s stage presence was undeniable- let’s just say lots of kicks, leaps, bounds, and spins, all done in a bowl cut and 90s inspired wardrobe. For it being his first tour, he certainly held his own, capturing the attention of the audience and racking up fans through the night.Mars came on soon after engaging the crowd, singing back lyrics, and taking time to provide personal narrative behind his new releases. The Are You Ok? Tour came as result from Mars’s brief musical hiatus during which he took time for himself to recenter. After a full set and encore, fans left with a taste of what to expect from Mars’s future releases.Sarah ArcherIG: @archer_sarah T: @saraharcher99Check out more music and news from Rainy Dawg Radio @!