our generation’s rockstar; our homie

Ever had that one good old homie you made in middle school that you’ve lost contact with throughout the years with but still cherish the friendship that was created then you hear bad news about them and all you can do is just simp? Mac Miller felt like that with his music. Man, it’s still crazy to this very day. It’s even more crazy with all the lives that he has touched, influencing the music of the likes of SZA, Vince Staples, Ab-Soul and much, much more. If you keep up to date with today’s music of any sort, which I really… hope you do??, and don’t live under the depths of a boulder, Malcolm James McCormick or simply Mac Miller died on September 7th, 2018. A suspected drug overdose at his Studio City casa in California. Still simpin, however I’m not here to spew all the feels and sulk over his death, no. This is an appreciation reflection piece and how influential and how inspirational this man really was as an artist, musician, but more importantly as a person to my respective generation. Yeah, I never knew him personally but the thing that separates the great artists from the good is that they make you feel like you’ve known them forever thru their music. That sense of muse, of comfort, of good shit, whenever you hear their voice.From his beginning days of frat rap mixtapes and albums like Best Day Ever and Blue Slide Park to his more matured ensembles later on like Divine Feminine and recently Swimming, and from everything in between like Macadelic and Faces, we really got to see this bro grow up as we grew up with him. No political affiliation whatsoever but you can’t tell me you weren’t bumpin “Donald Trump” thru your now old ass, wired apple earbuds with the iPod nano in pocket roaming thru the halls like the lil’ G you were. You wanted to rock snapbacks like him so bad after watching his “Snapback” music video huh? Blaring “Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza” in the back while you were playing Black Ops with the boys. I think in all our innocence Mac Miller sparked our independent nature, back when we wanted to be independent sooo bad because we weren’t 6th graders no more mom! D:<.Our fluidity to dress freely, fresh freely, and be freely was at its inception. I know my time in middle school that was the time to kind of stunt and make stuntin’ your occupation. We really thought that some khaki cargo shorts, a Chicago Bulls/LA Lakers snapback, Sea-town/Nike Elite socks, low-top converse, and a graphic tee with the big ass stars on it was a FIT. Nah but in all seriousness, I think the underlying reason why the fashion sense, the swag, the demeanor was like that back at my middle school was because of the influence of Mac Miller. Those were the days when Mac, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Lil B reigned supreme (pun intended, or I guess that was pre-supreme era). Back when the letters L R G and D C were still relevant. Back when the words Fantasy Factory twinkled your plums. Clownin’ on those days brings back nostalgia.There is this thing called music nostalgia that I’m doing research on for a nonprofit that I’m interning at. Nostalgia is defined as “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.” Music nostalgia is the association of a particular song/tune/genre of music that is linked to particularly good times for you. Listening to Mac Miller now brings me music nostalgia, even more now than ever. Mac Millers music makes me reminisce on the days when our biggest worries were to get Mrs. Stansberry for advisory and hearing the word WEDGE screamed thru out the halls. It saddens me most that this man-child turned hopeless romantic badass had a smile on his face, but underneath was the entire opposite, and for all these years too. His struggle was real.  **If you are struggling, if you need help WE GOTCHU. We’re on a team called life. Don’t let that shit slide. Ever. Your mental health is important. The stigma of not caring needs to be canceled asap. WE GOTCHU, don’t ever feel like you’re alone… We gotchu. Thank you for your free spirit. Thank you for “Divine Feminine” for being my coping mechanism when an important person at the time left my life. Thank you, Larry Fisherman. Thank you, Rap Diablo. Thank you for being who you are. “Self-Care,” we’re gonna be alright. Rest easy.++(“Planet God Damn” is a helluva song btw, same with “Thoughts from a Balcony”)-Lyle Lasala