clem:rainydawgradio 15th

Hey yall, decided to dig up some shots I took from Rainy Dawg’s 15th birthday fest (day 1). Below are pictures from i///u, Chynna, and Open Mike Eagle with an interesting blurb about each.i///u – a sultry, spicy, gumbo pot brimming of funk/neo soul influences. good set with great chemistry. godspeed on those broken windows!Chynna – Chynna personally told me this was her worst set ever…yikes. I agree. Her trademark ‘boss ass bitch’ vibe wasn’t really palpable in this set, instead a mumbly Chynna performed, with occasional riles to the crowd here and there. hey, at least I got some good shots from it.Open Mike Eagle – great closing set. open mike is one funny guy. 10/10 would have a elysian beer with. side note: you grooved like a kid in a middle school dance, try to move a little, Mike.Anyway, hope these shots tickled you in some way, if you want some shots yourself, I take commissions for coffee. Here’s to another 15, Rainy Dawg.- Clem