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Where Are They Now?: Pop-Punk Bands

Every teenager needs to go through a phase of listening to
angsty, dramatic music. In my generation, a great number of us turned to pop-punk.
Now that most of us are college-age or older, the whole genre is glossed with
nostalgia. In light of that I decided to update you on where some of your (and
my) favorite pop-punk bands are now.

The bands to fall into two categories: the ones that broke
up and the ones that are still together. Like all good friends should, I’ll
start by telling you the bad news.

They Broke Up


The official status of Blink-182 is “it’s complicated”, but
I think it’s safe to say that they won’t be making new music anytime soon. Or
at least not as the same band you remember listening to on your CD player. Your
use of “ancient technology” makes sense because they originally formed in 1992,
making them the earliest band on this list. Since then, they’ve broken up and
gotten back together a few times, but their most recent break up seems pretty final. 

Their last complete album, Neighborhoods,
consisted of all three original band members and came out in 2011 to mixed
reviews. As much as people may want this staple of the ‘90s to remain whole,
they just can’t seem to keep it together. The fact of the matter is, all the members
are total grown-ups now, and that just doesn’t fit in with the immaturity and “your
mom” jokes that made them famous.

My Chemical Romance

I hate to be the one to tell you this if you haven’t already
heard, but My Chemical Romance broke up. A while ago, in 2013 to be specific. And
with them, broke the heart of every one of their die-hard fans. They basically
defined Emo music, so it makes sense that they were constantly hailed as one of
the best pop-(mostly punk) bands of the 2000s. If you miss the guyliner and
purposefully dreary aesthetic that followed them around, don’t fret, because
there’s a giant collection of songs and music videos you can go back to
whenever you want, including their last legitimate album, 2010’s Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous

Luckily, a lot of bands held a much more positive fate,
bringing up the second category.

They’re Still

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy’s story is a bit complicated because they took
a 4-year hiatus back in 2009. But to the relief of all their fans, they “got
the band back together” in 2013. They’ve had a really successful run as of late
and they appear to be, dare I say it, even more popular than before. The hiatus
may have even been a good thing for them. (That is definitely not to be taken
as a suggestion to other bands to break up.) Their newest album, American Beauty/American Psycho came out
this past January and pleased both unfamiliar and well-versed listeners alike. 





Luckily, Paramore is still going strong. They sound a lot different now, sure.
But it’s a good different. The actual face of the band has changed drastically.
What once was a five person band is now made up of only three. The renovated group’s
most recent album, Paramore was
released in 2013. I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally think it’s even
better than some of their old stuff. It’s a lot more pop-oriented, but it
works. In a recent interview, lead singer Hayley Williams said that a
new album is likely, the band is just in the “dreaming it up” stage. Keep your
eye out for that one.




All Time Low

Technically, All Time Low has one of the later beginnings of
bands from this list, so it should come as no surprise that they’re still together.
Their latest album, Future Hearts,
came out just earlier this year in April and I’m happy to say that it’s just as
good as the rest of their stuff. It’s a comfort to know that some things don’t
change. Go listen to their old stuff. Listen to their new stuff. It’s all good
and will likely inspire a whole new generation to pick up electric guitars and
write lyrics based on the confusing horror show that is growing up.




Don’t forget to tune into your old favorites every
once in a while.

-Kathryn Placer

Kathryn Placer