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Artist to Watch: Hinds


You probably didn’t know that you needed noisy, lo-fi garage rock made by an all-girl band from Spain, but here’s the thing: you do. Not to fret, though, there’s a way to satisfy this need: listen to Hinds

Originally named Deers, Hinds was founded in Madrid as a duo by Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote. The Singles “Bamboo” and “Trippy Gum” put the girls on the map before Ade Martín and Amber Grimbergen were added to the ensemble. The resulting group is cute, fun, and fresh, but not in an all-girl-bubblegum-pop-group kind of way. It’s more of a running-around-the-streets-of-Madrid-while-drinking-a-40oz-and-smoking-a-cigarette-while-chilling-with-your-besties kind of way. It might have been easier for me to just show you a video instead of typing out all those hyphens, though:

Hinds delivers a style of rock which seems to be male-dominated in recent years (don’t worry, Sleater-Kinney, I’m not forgetting you). In my opinon, it’s refreshing to listen to loud, angsty songs about boys for a change. Their newly-released debut album, Leave Me Alone, is already capturing the interest of music bloggers everywhere. The band’s also embarked on a European tour, and they’ll be here in Seattle on March 27th at the Sunset Tavern. 

The band’s songs are catchy and just straight up fun. They’re perfect for singing along in a convertible with the top down while driving down the sunny California coast, or, more realistically, humming to yourself while you try not to slip on Red Square on the way to class on a rainy day. (But I’ll admit it: sometimes it’s hard to understand exactly what they’re saying. Not that it really matters.)

So, if you like good rock, girl-power, or need something to scream at the top of your lungs and stomp around to, look no further. These girls are the real deal. And, going back to how cute they are, they even have a cute arcade game on their website, complete with sangria and chilis. Yes, really. I’ll leave you now with a quote from one of their YouTube video descriptions that really resonated with me: “VIVA EL ROCK !! WOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHOOOO ROCK IS THE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Notable tracks: “Bamboo”, “San Diego”, “Garden”

For fans of: Best Coast, King TuffThe Velvet Underground, Alvvays, Courtney Barnett

website // facebook // soundcloud //

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