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Interview with alt pop duo NIGHTLY

Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta, the two artists composing
alternative pop band NIGHTLY, cousins from New Jersey, are about to shake up
the industry.

6 year locals of Nashville, the road to music started young,
with both artists finding themselves with their first instruments at age 10. “When
we were young, we got matching guitars,” Jon said fondly, “but we hooked up at
16 or 17 and that’s when we started making music, instead of just going to
class. It was just something we did back where we lived, in high school, you
were either in sports, or in drugs, or in a band. And we were in a band.”

“We grew up in Jersey,” Joey added. “We moved to Nashville
about 6 years ago, and have been writing back and forth between LA and

But the start out at 16 in New Jersey wasn’t an easy path
for the two young artists. “In Jersey, the thing is, when we there weren’t that many
venues to play that were all ages. We would play bowling alleys, pool halls,”
Joey pointed out. “I remember there was a place that was like Goodwill
downstairs and upstairs of a huge room that you could rent out to place shows.
It was a cool community as far as kids who wanted to go to shows. Whereas in
Nashville there are so many venues that makes music just a part of the culture.
With performing in Jersey, if you wanted it, you really had to make it work.”


The two grew up, and moved out to Nashville and started
getting serious about putting work out there. They started flying back and
forth between Nashville and LA, writing, producing, and hoping to blow up. The
two cities, the boys, say, are different, but close their hearts when writing.  “We’ve been writing for the past year, just a
lot of different feelings, doing everything in our bedrooms in Nashville or LA.
We have a lot of songs we’ve written, so when we were picking four tracks for
the EP, it was hard figuring out what we wanted our first impression to be.”

And with many songs written, and already known for killer
single “XO” that portrays an ethereal fluid filled musical journey, we wanted to
know what kind of vibe the two artists wanted to portray to their future fans.

“The thing is, we’ve been in bands for a long time and we’ve
never just been honest and told real experiences,” Joey explained.  “And I think lyrically this is the best work
we’ve done—and as far as our listeners, I think people can relate to the real
us and our real experiences. And I think the music behind it just captured the
feeling that was in the room.”


Jon adds, “I think with us, the thing is, the things that
inspire us don’t always have to be musical. I feel inspired by TwentyOne
but nothing in what we do is any way related to them. So, there’s
inspiration there in the sense that I appreciate their work. But then there’s
also the type of inspiration where I’ll say, ‘Dude I love that sound of this
kickdrum.’  There’ll be influences like
that where I’ll draw from melodies— from like Miguel’s kind of vibe. And then
classic guitar bands like U2 or Coldplay, where we get an ethereal feel. But
even like a picture can be inspiring or drive out at night together. A lot of
times too if you’re doing the same thing, taking yourself out of the headspace
of doing the same thing—like listening to Kanye—can be a refresher for what
you’re actually doing.”

The alt-pop duo has their start with their 4 tracks out and
proud. But what’s next?

“In the future we really just want to expose our music and
building our fan-base. We’ll spend the next year exposing the EP and
touring.  Because we could have put a
year and lot of money into an album and no one hears it. So right now, we want
to put out creative content, like music videos and little projects that are
weird but fun. We’re seeing a lot of new cities on this tour, and I think
performing in the UK would be good place.

When asked about future collaborations, Joey says “It’s so
hard you know because I would love just meet and hang out with John Mayer but
is be necessarily the apex of what we’re trying to do? No definitely not, but I
would do anything to meet him.”

Jon says, “For me, just some super dope chick would be cool.
Tove Lo, Sia, Miley Cyrus. I’m a sucker for female vocals. We probably wouldn’t
collab with a guitarist so it would probably be a rapper or a female vocalist.
All my favorites are female vocals though—like Lady Gaga would be dope.”

Joey adds with a smile, “Ellie Goulding too.”

No doubt the two will get their dream collaborations while
they’re on their way with their EP Honest,
now on Spotify. Check it out.

Ariana Rivera

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Artist Interview: Charlie Burg

Unless you have ties to the metro-Detroit music scene, I doubt you’ve heard Charlie Burg’s work. As a sophomore in college, Charlie clearly has an energetic zeal for life and evident love of music. Charlie’s not signed with a label which gives him a lot of freedom to experiment with different sounds and inspirations. His recently released album, Blue Wave Mosiac, eloquently features Burg’s exceptional vocals and embellished wavy tracks. With hints of R&B, Charlie is reaching beyond any one genre, but reels you in with his relaxed vibes. This feel good album definitely deserves more recognition as his tracks are not overly embellished and leave the listener intrigued.

Blue Wave Mosaic demonstrates Burg’s development as a multitalented artist who began singing and playing guitar covers to songs he liked but is now producing music in a genre that’s all his own. I liked the album so much I decided to reach out to him and learn more. 


Shannon (SM): Tell me about yourself:

Charlie (CB): “I was born and raised in Birmingham, MI. I went to Dennison as a Freshman for college but realized I needed a bigger school, especially for my music so I transferred to Michigan State University and am studying humanities but I’m hoping to study music.  I learned how to produce at Dennison quickly and it didn’t take me very long to learn the ropes enough to produce on my own, since I didn’t have the resources or time to go to a studio. Prior to that I had just been doing covers on Soundcloud with my guitar and had the reputation of the white college kid with a guitar.”

SM: Tell me about the inspiration behind your title Blue Wave Mosaic:

CB: “There’s a lot of people who are on the project, so I thought it was kind of like a mosaic pulling from different minds. And the blue wave was inspired from a painting I saw at the DIA (Detroit Institute of Art) of a Spanish artist named Joan Miro and I thought, that’s the feeling I want people to feel when they listen to my music.”

SM: What’s the general emotion behind Blue Wave Mosiac? What kind of feelings were you intending to project?

CB: “Mostly about how I feel about love. I recently got out of a relationship and I felt confused, like I lost something important. It’s inspired by R&B sounds and I wanted to portray sadness, tenderness, longing, yearning…It’s not a dance album or a celebration. It’s a reflection of what I want.”

SM: How long have you been working on Blue Wave Mosaic?

CB: “Not very long, from November to December (2015).”

SM: Is there a person or place that most inspired your work?

CB: “My friend Ade inspired me in rap and R&B and showed me a lot of obscure hip hop producers. But Coldplay cultivated my love songs and D’Angelo cultivated my vibe.”

SM: Favorite release of 2015?

CB: “Head Full of Dreams”

SM: Goals for 2016:

CB: “To be in another band with some friends from Ann Arbor, Mi, write 20 songs, and another album…I have so much stuff I want to put out there. I also want to play two shows a week and travel and go hiking this summer.”



We’re eager to watch Charlie Burg continue to grow as an artist and discover a claimable sound that he most identifies with. Blue Wave Mosiac shows Burg’s immense potential as an up and an extremely talented up and coming artist. Definitely worth the listen – check out his website here!


Shannon Milner

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