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how to piss off your fans and keep them smiling

“ATTN Frank: I will post a very unflattering Photoshop of your face EVERY WEEK that my Endless Vinyl hasn’t arrived. You’ve been warned!” – u/FromSiriusCase study:

How to piss off your fans and keep them smiling

On Cyber Monday (Nov 27th, 2017), excited Frank Ocean fans rushed to the Blonde.co website to order the Endless album on vinyl and CD. Endless is a 2016 Frank Ocean ‘visual’ album, which is Frank’s last Def Jam label release before making his own Boys Don’t Cry label and releasing Blonde. While Endless isn’t necessarily a full-fledged studio album and is often overshadowed by Blonde’s success, the album is treasured by many die-hard Ocean fans, as it contains the original, ambient, and avant-garde influences that would later transcend over to Blonde.As a big fan of Frank Ocean’s work, I had to change pants when I heard about the Endless vinyl release. You see, we’ve learned from experience that Frank merch is rare. For instance, Frank’s Blonde vinyl release back in November 2016 was extremely lowkey and on limited release. Now, Blonde vinyl are fetching $200+ on resale outlets. So when Endless vinyl came out, I knew I had to cop quick, and with my bro, ordered 2 Endless vinyl and a poster for around $100; a bargain.Now, fast forward 6 MONTHS; in what was supposed to come in 6-8 weeks, Frank Ocean fans everywhere still haven’t received their Endless vinyl or CD. Instead, Blonde.co only shipped the Endless poster and VHS orders. Think about it, Frank has us receiving f**king obsolete VHS tapes before receiving our vinyl or CDs. While I feel mad about the abysmal lack of communication and order fulfillment, I can’t help but humor at the fact that—somewhere out there, a Gen-Z Frank Ocean fan has a hung poster of Frank Ocean with that s**t-eating grin, while holding a VHS with no VHS player to play with.Evidently, Frank Ocean fans let out their impatience and growing outrage: Music publications wrote about the order delays. Fans harassed Frank Ocean’s mom, Katonya, on social media. And the r/Frank Ocean “Cult”—who virtually saw Frank as a demi-god, even wrote heartfelt posts decrying this terrible ordeal. However, as fans trudged along the days without their Frank Ocean vinyl, r/FrankOcean’s rage slowly displaced into a whirling circlejerk of hilarious memes:“Fuck my vinyl order up fam” – u/xXPsilocybinXx- u/SilverKilla1114You might ask “Why are they so slow at shipping out vinyl and CDs?” It seems like today, buying merch from artists has turned into a privileged waiting game; when you buy a CD or vinyl from your favorite artist, expect to wait 4-6 months to just get a shipping confirmation. Frank Ocean isn’t the only suspect in this, for instance; loyal fans had to wait over 6 months for Tyler, The Creator’s Flower Boy, SZA’s Ctrl, Childish Gambino’s Awaken, My Love! and many other releases.I understand that there are fewer record pressing plants today, and that perhaps Frank is remastering and re-mixing Endless for physical releases. But it is unacceptable that neither Frank Ocean, nor his merch department, came forward about this situation to fans throughout this 6-month ordeal. While the wait seems unbearable for many, the subsequent activism from Frank Ocean fans–through their blog posts and memes, can prove that wonderful, hilarious things can happen when people rally together in something they believe in.

Alas, to draw wisdom from the almighty Fall Out Boy: “The best of us can find happiness in misery.”

Stay strong, Cult.UPDATE (4/11): The vinyl have finally shipped, and my order is set to come 4/19! Memes are truly magic.-Clem Mooc

“Memrise”: the real Black Friday steal

well, this is it. what we’ve been waiting for. 

Frank Ocean finally dropped new music. *cue tears of joy*

it has been a full TWO YEARS since he released his last song, “Wise Man”, a ballad cut from Django Unchained, in December 2012. his last album, Channel Orange, was released in July 2012 (unless you count unreleased, MISC. in 2013). we Frank Ocean fans have been waiting a long time for this. 

Ocean posted his new single, “Memrise”, to his tumblr on Black Friday (November 28th, 2014). in the blog post, he provided lyrics with the track.

listen here:

lyrics here:

“I memorized the wayward expressions

Never look down 

Never let you see me down 

I memorized the way no directions

Can I come over now 

I’d like to stay a little while 

I memorized your body exposed 

I could fuck you all night long 

From a memory alone

I never forget a face 

Don’t go plastic on me 

Nothing’s set in stone 

You’re not dipped in gold

Dipped in gold

You can’t breathe if you’re dipped in gold

You are not on paper 

You are not a copy 

You’re so, you’re so..so thick, so thick”

the ballad flows between three different portions, the first being the melody build-up accompanied by Ocean’s soft and indistinct layered voice, the second being Ocean speaking over a scaled-down version of the beat, and finally, the third portion being Ocean’s lovely and authentic singing that we have so missed.

the song, only 2 minutes long, seems like a tease, as if there’s more to “Memrise” that he’s not giving us yet. if that’s the case, i’m just anxious to see what else he’s been hiding, and to hear that album he’s been promising to drop… 

nonetheless, keep your eye out for a follow up to “Memrise”, i have a feeling it’ll be great.