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New Twin Peaks Song, “Walk to the One You Love”


If you’ve been following Twin Peaks you know them as the up and coming garage rockers from Chicago. Their previous 2 albums established their sound as laid back, youthful and just the right amount of messy. But now a third album titled Down in Heaven is set to release this spring and it might just break your expectations. At the end of last month they shared the first song off the album, “Walk to the One You Love”. 

It features so many great new things – horns! Harmonies! Rock n roll guitar solos! It seems like the boys might be moving away from the signature lo-fi sound of their earliest days and towards a more crisp classic rock vibe. It’s clear that there are some new musical influences in play like blues (possibly inspired by their Chicago heritage?) and maybe even rockabilly. At the same time, “Walk to the One You Love” definitely sounds like a Twin Peaks song. Uplifting guitar riffs and gritty vocals act like musical fingerprints for the band.

This new song is undeniable proof that there are cool things in store for the Twin Peaks dudes. Down in Heaven will be released on May 13th by Grand Jury Music.


Chloe Hagans

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Artist to Watch: Hinds


You probably didn’t know that you needed noisy, lo-fi garage rock made by an all-girl band from Spain, but here’s the thing: you do. Not to fret, though, there’s a way to satisfy this need: listen to Hinds

Originally named Deers, Hinds was founded in Madrid as a duo by Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote. The Singles “Bamboo” and “Trippy Gum” put the girls on the map before Ade Martín and Amber Grimbergen were added to the ensemble. The resulting group is cute, fun, and fresh, but not in an all-girl-bubblegum-pop-group kind of way. It’s more of a running-around-the-streets-of-Madrid-while-drinking-a-40oz-and-smoking-a-cigarette-while-chilling-with-your-besties kind of way. It might have been easier for me to just show you a video instead of typing out all those hyphens, though:

Hinds delivers a style of rock which seems to be male-dominated in recent years (don’t worry, Sleater-Kinney, I’m not forgetting you). In my opinon, it’s refreshing to listen to loud, angsty songs about boys for a change. Their newly-released debut album, Leave Me Alone, is already capturing the interest of music bloggers everywhere. The band’s also embarked on a European tour, and they’ll be here in Seattle on March 27th at the Sunset Tavern. 

The band’s songs are catchy and just straight up fun. They’re perfect for singing along in a convertible with the top down while driving down the sunny California coast, or, more realistically, humming to yourself while you try not to slip on Red Square on the way to class on a rainy day. (But I’ll admit it: sometimes it’s hard to understand exactly what they’re saying. Not that it really matters.)

So, if you like good rock, girl-power, or need something to scream at the top of your lungs and stomp around to, look no further. These girls are the real deal. And, going back to how cute they are, they even have a cute arcade game on their website, complete with sangria and chilis. Yes, really. I’ll leave you now with a quote from one of their YouTube video descriptions that really resonated with me: “VIVA EL ROCK !! WOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHOOOO ROCK IS THE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Notable tracks: “Bamboo”, “San Diego”, “Garden”

For fans of: Best Coast, King TuffThe Velvet Underground, Alvvays, Courtney Barnett

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Ann Evans

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Rad Report: Experimental Label–Danger Collective Records–Expands to Seattle

There are very few times that a dream is captured and transformed into reality. So often we realize that we’ve aspired our whole lives toward one goal and never fully achieved it. This is clearly not the circumstance in the case of Danger Collective Records—an experimental record label started and based in Los Angeles—which was created on a brilliant principle of “by artists for artists” in January of 2014. A few old friends of mine from high school created this label—Reed Kanter is the original founder with help from Michael Lewis, Jackson Katz, Patrick Jewett, and Nolan Pearson. “When [Reed] started the label [he] was trying to put this idea of…‘talent without fans’…into motion” 

(Reed Kanter), and the dream seems to have come true. After growing up in a somewhat isolated area in the mountains surrounding the LA area where there wasn’t a strong market for small shows and live music, Reed gathered a group of his friends and changed that with a goal in mind “to bring people together over music and make a difference for bands” (Reed Kanter). He created a record label, which is now expanding across the country. I’ve been lucky enough to stay in touch with Reed—who is currently living in New York, and I’ve also stayed close with Michael as we both made the move from LA to Seattle this past fall.

I, myself, have enjoyed jamming to the indie rock/garage punk music that I’ve experienced at the Danger Collective shows down in LA; but what really caught my attention was when I heard from Michael that Danger Collective is no longer solely concentrated in LA—and is actually expanding to both New York (courtesy of Reed) and Seattle (courtesy of Michael)! The moment I heard this, my excitement grew—just knowing that I might soon have the opportunity to jam out to the awesome tunes being produced by this innovative label whether I’m in LA, my home town; Seattle, my true love and current home; or New York, just visiting.

When I heard about the expansion, I naturally had tons of questions for Michael and Reed about this big move up north and back east. So I set up a time to meet with Michael in hopes that he could give me some inside information on the extension of the label in our very own backyard; I later was able to contact Reed as well to hear about how the expansion is progressing in New York.

Michael is now the CFO, and is mainly in control of the money and distribution in the newly forming Seattle branch. I asked him what inspired him to expand the label further north and he explained that it was mostly a mix of the convenience of being able to go to an awesome school like UW and being able to further develop the label in a remarkable city such as Seattle with such an established music scene.

The Collective’s punk bands duel it out at INSIDELANDS 2014

Danger Collective generally signs bands with a very ‘Los Angeles-esque’ sound, but the label has been really good about not boxing itself into any group of specific genres or subgenres. Danger Collective actually signs bands on an extremely wide spectrum of categories—examples of these varieties include “garage rock/post punk (Slow Hollows and Bobby T and The Slackers), Punk (Cool Runnings and P.H.F of New Zealand) psychedelic rock (Casinos and Te Amo), ambient trap (Polo Club and Best Friend, experimental (Nirvanus), singer song writer (Salmon), pop punk (Rexx), and more,” according to Reed Kanter.

However, when I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Michael, he noted that “eventually the Seattle sound, the really weird, like…electronic-y thing will…seep” into the label’s unique mix of music that they represent, which I’m really looking forward to. Despite being open-minded to the idea of letting in new genres and moods of music, Michael admitted to me that “LA had a really big influence on [the label] because that’s what [the creators of the label] were used to [listening to their whole] lives.” It seems that these LA vibes are making their way up to Seattle as Michael has gotten Danger Collective’s “releases into several record stores” in the Seattle area (according to Reed Kanter).

Reed currently does a lot for the label in addition to being the original founder; despite his role in “[managing] artists, [booking] shows, [promoting] bands, [contacting] pressing factories for vinyl, [pressing] cassette tapes, [reviewing] submitted demos, …[managing] the social media, and [taking a role in] anything else that needs to be done,” he humbly told me that he “can’t take all the credit” for the label’s success, and he is very grateful for his friends’ help and support.

He is currently busy in New York getting shows together and spreading word of Danger Collective to the east coast. There’s actually already been a New York show presented by Danger Collective in which Reed took a different approach than the label usually does as he “went for a more electronic genre. Nirvanus opened and he was followed by Best Friend, Eaves, Tele/Visions, then Young Ejecta who headlined.” It sounds like it was a fucking rad show, and I seriously recommend checking out all of these artists. It made me wish I could’ve been in New York for it, but got me extremely enthusiastic about the future potential Danger Collective has right here in the amazing city we live in.

Michael let me know that once a couple more Danger Collective representatives make their way up to Washington, he hopes to have the resources to begin signing local Seattle artists and putting together shows—so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information on that! In the meantime, get a taste of Danger Collective’s artists in a video playlist from the New Radio presentation, Battle Show IV:

Currently involved in the label are Reed Kanter, Michael Lewis, Jackson Katz, Nolan Pearson, Patrick Jewett, Dylan Thinnes, Franklin Newby, and Nick Fenjves. The label has come a long way in just a year, with their expansion spanning across the country. According to Reed, “Danger Collective Records now has music in stores across the country and [the label has their] artists featured on iTunes and Spotify.” I’m obviously thrilled about what’s to come for the Seattle branch of Danger Collective Records, and can’t wait to see where all divisions of the label go in the future. Be sure to follow Danger Collective Records at dangercollectiverecords.com and on Facebook, and keep an eye out for upcoming shows presented by Danger Collective Records in the Seattle area (or in LA/New York if you’re ever stopping by)!

Rad Rebs

Outlander in the Emerald City: King Tuff at Neumo’s (Show Review)


Despite the brutish nature of their name and their look, King Tuff were anything but at Neumo’s Crystal Ball Reading Room this past Wednesday, October 22. 

Front man Kyle Thomas, bassist Magic Jake and drummer Old Gary Goddard burst onto the stage with cut-off, patched up jean jackets and a positivism that permeated the entire room.  For their opening song, a wall of distortion and feedback transformed into the title track of their latest album, Black Moon Spell.  In the interim between the first few tracks, Thomas and Magic Jake continued a banter infused with good vibes, at one point mentioning how honored they were to be performing in Seattle, the “home of so many influential artists”. 

Magic Jake and Kyle Thomas rock with attitude

The love flowed throughout the night, with all members of King Tuff beaming permanent grins at their ecstatic fans song after sloppy song.  As the crowd got rowdier and the mosh pit’s circumference increased, King Tuff’s energy skyrocketed, climaxing during the supremely-catchy “Bad Thing”.  Although the musicality wasn’t much to be amazed at, the constant upbeat energy and no-holds-barred attitude of its members allowed King Tuff’s performance to shine with grungey, shredding, lo-fi mastery.  

Take a listen to their new album (embedded below):

(Photo credits to Alex Ostenberg)

Katie Hanford