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Artist Profile: Day Wave does Rainy Day Rock Right


After accepting the fact that rain would be a constant occurence during my time at UW, I also accepted the fact that I would need to create the perfect rainy day playlist. You know the kind I’m talking about– one with songs that are chill, low-profile, and even a little melancholy. Well, my playlist ended up just being full of one artist whose music met all of those requirements and then some: Day Wave.

The solo project of Oaklander Jackson Phillips, Day Wave combines bedroom rock and surf pop to form a delightfully dreamy brand of shoegaze. Phillips’s songs sound as muted and as beautiful as the polaroids on his Facebook page, and often focus on themes such as young love and loneliness. Catchy guitar riffs and vocals are commonplace as well, and are reminiscent of that OG indie sound we all love (Joy Division or The Cure, anyone?). It’s hard not to sing along to several of the songs’ choruses, including (but not limited to) “Drag” and “We Try But We Don’t Fit In”.

Day Wave’s first EP, Headcase, was just recently released. It features five tracks that really outline the sound of the band. In fact, all of the instruments on the record were played by Phillips himself. Two new singles have already dropped since the EP, as Day Wave begins to get into the live show scene (They’ve already scored opening for Albert Hammond, Jr. of The Strokes for a leg of his tour). A standout track is “Come Home Now”, which is more upbeat than other previously released songs.

All in all, Day Wave has something for everyone, whether you’re an avid surfer, skater, or Suzzallo studier. While no West Coast gigs are in the near future, we can definitely expect to see some more content from this band sometime soon. Until then, this live performance at KEXP should hold you over, because, hey, at least it’s Seattle-related, right?

For fans of: Joy Division, Albert Hammond, Jr., Hippo Campus, Mac Demarco 

Find Day Wave on soundcloud // tumblr

Ann Evans

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