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Playlist: Puget Sounds


Part of the reason why I chose to move to Seattle was the music scene (sorry Mom and Dad, the libraries and museums are pretty nice, too!). The city is a haven for hip-hop, grunge, indie-rock, and basically everything else. Nothing makes me happier than really getting into a new artist, only to find out they’re from Seattle. So much good stuff is goin’ on in the Puget Sound Region that I just had to put a playlist together showcasing it.

Not all of the artists are from Seattle; Modest Mouse is from Issaquah, and the little-known band Beach Vacation hails from Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island. I’ll admit, I cheated a little: bands like Manatee Commune, Death Cab for Cutie, and ODESZA are from Bellingham, but I figured that they rep Washington enough to make the cut. 

The playlist features songs from throughout the history of the Seattle scene (How was I supposed to leave out Jimi Hendrix or Sir Mix-A-Lot?). Some bands consist of former Huskies (Beat Connection, Blue Scholars, Hey Marseilles, etc) who even have some songs about the U-District. Since I’m continually adding new songs to the playlist, feel free to follow it on Spotify.

Looking back on my first year in the Emerald City, I’m super grateful to live in a place with so much musical history and such a vibrant scene. I hope that you are, too. Enjoy.


Ann Evans

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