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Lt’s Choice: Procreative Beneficence

This week, I was exceptionally late to everything so I made a playlist of my favorite music to power walk through campus when I am in a really big rush. Hopefully this can help you get to class faster if you are like me and like to get those extra five minutes of sleep.  

The playlist Procreative Beneficence is embedded below and the tracklist is as follows:

The Front Bottoms – Lipstick Covered Magnet

Modern Baseball – Tears Over Beers

Rackets – Pegasus

Joyce Manor – Constant Headache 

Tigers Jaw – Planes vs. Tanks vs. Submarines

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Jackson

The Hotelier – Housebroken 

Joyce Manor – Schley 

Dads – Shit Twins

Lauren-Taylor Mansfield

LT’s Choice: Little Kid’s Album Logic Songs

This week, instead of posting a playlist, I feel obligated to post an album because no singular album that I have stumbled upon recently has captivated me in a similar fashion to this. 

Little Kid’s Logic Songs was recorded somewhere in Ontario, Canada. The only way we get a feel for where the location is is through the extensive use of train field recordings throughout the album. These overlap with guitar riffs and vocals that mirror the styles of both The Microphones and Elvis Depressedly

The first song starts out slow, as it is more of a cold invitation to the album, as opposed to a warm embrace of what is to come. The album defines itself from the second song out, so bare with it. With that being said, the album is one that is best listened to all the way through. 

Check it out in the bandcamp stream below:

Logic Songs by Little Kid

Lauren-Taylor Mansfield