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Bastille: A Concert I’ll Never Forget

Last night I saw Bastille perform at the WaMu theater, just outside international district in Seattle. In a word, it was WILD (pun intended). I bought the tickets because a friend and I were (and still are) really into their newest album, Wild World. Also – it was her birthday, so, perfect gift. I wasn’t super interested in their older stuff, from Bad Blood, but there was simply no denying I’d heard it all before. It had been force fed to me by the various radio stations that played almost all their songs relentlessly. Bad Blood, particularly the track “Pompeii” was what made this band absolutely explode (yes, like the volcano). Bastille has some kick-ass merch, so naturally as soon as we got to the venue and I immediately bought a shirt from the merch stand, no regrets. You can find their merch here. With a belly full of hot Asian soup, bubble tea, and a new Bastille T-Shirt on my back – I was pumped to see them perform. 

[As a side note – I was too busy buying merch that we missed the opener, Cosmo Mondo, but the drunken woman behind us assured me they were fantastic.]

If you haven’t seen the music video for their song “Fake It” you should watch it now, because it’s pretty important to several aspects of the concert. 

Anyways, the newcaster guy from this video was displayed on the two huge screens on either side of the stage for about 20 minutes before Bastille took the stage. Essentially, it was just behind the scenes footage (although clearly staged) of this news caster being a pompous asshate to basically everyone in the studio. It was really interesting and gave a lot of context to the music video. There was a lot to read into here, but I know I’ll get carried away talking about it so I won’t even start. 

When it was time for Bastille to enter, we heard “Pay attention to this breaking news” (or something like that) as the beginning of “Send Them Off!” began to play. Bastille stormed the stage and the concert was in full swing in a matter of seconds. They rocked, they destroyed really. Dan (the lead singer) had excellent control over his voice and completely blew me away. You can check out his vocal performance compared to the track performance here, and you’ll see there’s very little discrepancy. In my opinion, he was better live, Bastille as a whole was. 


Between the amazing guitar solo (during “Four Walls”), the mesmerizing background, and the awesome sound of Bastille 20 feet away from you – I got lost. I took too many pictures, and I’m not normally one to take photos of a concert, I’m all about that “be in the moment” bullshit. But, they were so picture worthy. I was dancing and singing along, the concert lasted 2 hours and I loved every second of it. 

Back to the background for a moment, did I mention it rocked?? Because it did, each song had its own really intriguing music video esque background to accompany it. Some of it was new perspective on their already released music videos, and a ton of it was new content. I couldn’t get enough of it. Again, so many ways to read into it… don’t even get me started. Basically justa  huge amount of playful commentary on how the media and politics can destroy and mold us.


The concert ended with an awesome and emotional encore. The whole idea of encores seems silly and planned to me, so usually I find them superficial (not that I’m not thankful for the extra songs, but yeah). But, right before they played the last song of the set Dan told the audience that they’d be back, obviously, for the encore, so not to be worried. He commented on how silly it felt, but he had no choice. Awesome. Speaking of which, Dan (and the whole band) had great stage presence and audience interactions. At one point Dan walked right through the middle of the audience to the back of the theater… I tried to snap a picture, but I didn’t do a great job. I didn’t get close enough to actually see him.  (Maybe you can spot him here in the middle of the spotlight somewhere)


When the lights came back on, the newscaster dude was back on the screens. And he FREAKED out. It was awesome. I can’t even explain how much commentary about the political and media climates there were, but it was a lot. And it was done perfectly, considering the Wild World album focuses a lot on the media and how our views can be shaped. I was sad to leave, but I wasn’t disappointed. Next time Bastille is here in Seattle you can be I’ll be there.

Until next time blawgers!

<3 Zach

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