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Album Review: Fiction Plane- Mondo Lumina

To further prove that the British are taking over the
American Indie scene, Fiction Plane
just released their album, Mondo Lumina, in
the United States. The album and the band aren’t exactly underground, it’s just
taking the States a little longer to catch up on their music. The band has
earned its place in the U.K. charts by putting out good album after good album
after good album. Oh yeah, and the lead singer, Joe Sumner, just happens to be Sting’s
son, which may have earned him a bit more street cred.


It’s no question why the U.K. loves the band, I’m just
wondering why the hell it took so long for the album to get to the U.S.. Mondo Lumina has a good sound and is
pretty chill as far as Alternative goes, nothing like the heavy rock of Royal Blood, but more pop than the Arctic Monkeys.


The most popular song off the album is definitely “Where Do
We Go from Here” and it’s everything you could hope for in a song. It’s a bit
reminiscent of the pop-rock scene from the mid-2000s and is just catchy enough
to get stuck in your head for a while.

I can’t forget to mention “Listen”, the smoothest song on
the record. It’s one of those songs you just know hipsters will be snapping to
while they discuss their “superior music taste” in some bar in San Francisco.

The most unexpected song has got to be “Don’t Give up the
Fight”. It sounds like it’s the song missing from an Old Western soundtrack.
Not to say that it’s Country or that you can hear tumbleweeds in the background,
it’s just that the combination of lyrics and slow-building melodies produce the mental
image of gun-slinging. You should probably listen to it yourself so you
understand what I mean. Whatever comes to mind, you’re likely to agree that it’s
a good song that deserves some radio time.

Overall rating: 7/10 –
Mondo Lumina is a solid album that
has a pretty good variety of songs. Keep your eye out for Fiction Plane,
because they might just be the laid-back indie band that the U.S. has been

Kathryn Placer

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Marina and the Diamonds – Froot

Welsh songstress Marina and the Diamonds has just graced us with a brand new gem to sink our teeth into. The disco-y “Froot”—stylized as “FROOT”—is the new title track from her upcoming album of the same name. Always the generous spirit, Marina, born Marina Diamandis, released the song 10 days ago, on her birthday, October 10th. “Froot” sees Marina comparing herself to a ripe fruit, ready to be picked by the man she’s been waiting for. The song’s organic and lush lyrical imagery is in sharp contrast to the shimmery, digitized synths washing in and out of the five and half minute-long track. With tongue-in-cheek rhymes, elastic vocal runs, and catchy hooks, Marina has struck a happy medium between her indie-pop debut LP from 2010, The Family Jewels, and 2012 electropop concept album, Electra Heart. Whether or not “Froot” has enough juice to propel itself into stateside radio, as her single “Primadonna” could only graze, is yet to be seen. Regardless, the song is gaining traction and hype in the blogosphere, and has certainly earned itself a cozy place on my regular rotation.

Jamie Coughlin