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Album Review: The Radio Dept. “Running Out of Love”


Swedish indie pop band The Radio Dept. is back with a new album Running Out of Love. The band, currently composed only of members Johan Duncansson and Martin Carlberg, has been embroiled in a legal battle with their record label Labrador, delaying new musical releases for several years. This marks the band’s first album since their successful 2010 release Clinging to a Scheme

Although The Radio Dept. has often been characterized by their blend of dream pop and shoegaze inspired music, Running Out of Love represents a shift towards a more electronic style. Though the band has clearly shown an electronic influence in the past, this album takes that trend the furthest, moving towards a full synth-pop sound. 

The upbeat, danceable feeling created by the synths and beat contrast with the somber mood of the album. Though there are still traces of the signature fuzzy and distorted sound typical of the band’s music, the general feeling of these tracks is much more cold than the warm and comfortable feeling of their past efforts. The lyrics, too, are much more solemn and politically charged than in the past. While many of us here in Seattle are preoccupied with American politics as the election grows closer, The Radio Dept. have focused on Swedish political issues in this album, and tackle what the band views as regression in Swedish society. 

Opening track “Slobada Narodu,” takes it’s title from a famous anti-fascist slogan originating from WWII, meaning “power to the people.” It begins the album with impactful percussion, slowly building up to the second track, previously released single “Swedish Guns,” a critique of the Swedish arms industry. Other notable topics addressed on the album appear in tracks such as “We Got Game,” which criticizes the actions and biased motivation of the police, and “Occupied,” which details the band’s legal dispute with their label. 

Although on first listen there may not seem to be any standout tracks on quite the same level as “Strange Things Will Happen” and “Where Damage Isn’t Already Done” from 2003’s Lesser Matters, or “Heaven’s on Fire” from Clinging to a Scheme, further listens reveal many strong moments on the album, such as the catchy “This Thing Was Bound to Happen,” or the danceable instrumental outro of “Committed to the Cause.” Running Out of Love may not be the band’s greatest work, but it nevertheless serves as another strong addition to their discography.

Listen to Running Out of Love here or listen to single “Swedish Guns” below:

– Noah Prince 

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