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New Music: Tinashe – “Player”


is hitting us full force with her new single, “Player,” following “Party Favors”
from her upcoming album Joyride. We can anticipate a music video real soon,
but for now we’ll have to settle with just the audio:

the get-go, “Player” hits us with a melodic trill that’s as bright as it is rhythmic.
Then the song goes from R&B to pop at the chorus, where you can easily
picture Tinashe gliding through a well-choreographed dance routine.


new single sounds almost like a transition piece. Up until now, Tinashe has
been swirling around in the R&B genre, just like the beginning of “Player”.
But as you get into the chorus, the beat and melody are unmistakably pop. 

took a couple listens for me to fall in love with “Player” (due to the slightly
unsettling shift in rhythm between the verses and the chorus), but after having
it on repeat for a while now I can honestly say I am behind this track. It
sounds like an evolution of Tinashe from the slow and sultry songs of her
previous albums and mixtapes (Aquarius, Reverie, Black Water, and In Case We
), all of which sound like they could all come from a single body of work.
Not a bad thing in any way, but it is nice to hear Tinashe beginning to make a
departure for a more focused sound.

I thoroughly enjoy this track and I am truly
looking forward to her coming album. Go
ahead and check out the teaser (directed by Tinashe herself) for the upcoming album, Joyride, down below:

Alexander Bonilla

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