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New Twin Peaks Song, “Walk to the One You Love”


If you’ve been following Twin Peaks you know them as the up and coming garage rockers from Chicago. Their previous 2 albums established their sound as laid back, youthful and just the right amount of messy. But now a third album titled Down in Heaven is set to release this spring and it might just break your expectations. At the end of last month they shared the first song off the album, “Walk to the One You Love”. 

It features so many great new things – horns! Harmonies! Rock n roll guitar solos! It seems like the boys might be moving away from the signature lo-fi sound of their earliest days and towards a more crisp classic rock vibe. It’s clear that there are some new musical influences in play like blues (possibly inspired by their Chicago heritage?) and maybe even rockabilly. At the same time, “Walk to the One You Love” definitely sounds like a Twin Peaks song. Uplifting guitar riffs and gritty vocals act like musical fingerprints for the band.

This new song is undeniable proof that there are cool things in store for the Twin Peaks dudes. Down in Heaven will be released on May 13th by Grand Jury Music.


Chloe Hagans

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